Alan’s Art

Mom began saving my drawings when I was three and by the time I graduated high school, I
had a rather extensive portfolio. Mom’s greatest wish was that I be a cartoonist working for Walt Disney, so I enrolled in the “Children’s Book Illustration” course at the School of Visual Arts in New York.

From that moment on, I’ve been torn between needing to commercialize my skill and talent as an artist and my passion and desire to operate independently as a fine artist.

I spent ten years as an art director in advertising and publishing in New York, but grew uncomfortable in that environment. I moved to Martha’s Vineyard where I worked with friends as a carpenter. That experience led to developing skills as a master carpenter and I opened a custom woodworking shop in Bucks County, PA. I eventually became a project manager for one of the largest exhibit builders in the country, managing large exhibit builds and programs for corporate entities.

Over the years, and with the development of computer technology and a changing social environment, “Commercial Art” and “Fine Art” have become one. No longer are fine art pieces absent on the pages of newspapers and magazines and relegated to museums and galleries. But, rather, fine art is seen and used to promote ideas, services and products of all manner, in all mediums and technologies, as well as in galleries and museums.

Because all art is now fine art, I now find myself in the perfect position to pursue my passion as a prolific, independent fine artist. Having worked in all mediums and materials through the large variety of projects I’ve produced in my life, I have been able to develop a very liberal approach to creating my art….for me, the subject I choose determines what the medium and form will be.